Wardrobe Therapy

Wardrobe Therapy Resolution

I am incredibly passionate about Wardrobe Therapy. I am finessing the definition and how to practice Wardrobe Therapy. My goal is to develop a plan to share with the masses! Like a “12 step plan” for feeling better in the clothes you wear. Exciting right!?


Last Tuesday I took a leap of faith and resolved to be vulnerable. On my Instagram you can read in detail about the transparent fashion journey I am committing to in an effort to help you discover the power of clothes. I promise to post unedited, mirror selfies to genuinely share how clothes are therapeutic. For example, clothes help me heal emotionally and feel better inside and out. Amazing right? You will soon discover the incredible phenomenon of Wardrobe Therapy by following my journey. 

What Wardrobe Therapy Looks Like

It looks different everyday, and it feels different too. The key to feeling good in what you wear is wearing clothes that fit. Wearing and buying clothes that fit your body type TODAY is a form of self-care and body kindness.

Wednesday Outfit (Select to read more)


Wednesday I dressed in baking clothes! I wasn’t fashionable, but I sure was comfortable.

Don’t buy a dress two sizes too small in hopes to fit into it some day. It’s not worth the emotional turmoil and stress on your body. Also, why is smaller better? It’s not! Clothes are beautiful because of their design and materials, not their size. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You are not an exception.

Thursday Outfit (Select to read more)

Some days getting dressed is really hard, but it’s always worth it in the end. I never regret taking the time to dress myself fashionably like I had to do on Friday!

Friday Outfit (Select to read more)


Saturday Outfit(s) (Select to read more)

Saturday was designated to graduating from Ashland University. I had the honor or giving a speech as Salutatorian. Later, I had a celebratory dinner with family and friends. I love to wear a dress and heels, but it was really nice to put on my sweats after a long day.

Wednesday Outfit (Select to read more)

Yes, even I have bad fashion moments. Hence why I skipped posting a few days. I regret not implementing wardrobe therapy, but it seemed best to focus on other tasks. Looking back I didn’t honor my body by dismissing it.  Read here, why I made that choice. However, I got back to it!


Get Dressed-Feel Good

I hope you’ll follow along, learn, and ask questions about Wardrobe Therapy. It’s a term I’m defining and clarifying each day. I believe in my mission to spread confidence through the art of dressing, helping you practice Wardrobe Therapy.

Be sure to subscribe! I will be sharing easy, life-changing tips to help you practice wardrobe therapy without spending a dime.

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