365 Days of Closet Clean Out

New Year’s Resolution

I’ve never made a New Year’s Resolution because I believe goals should be set everyday of the year! However, in 2019 I am resolving to declutter, reduce my personal belongings by at least 365 items. It’s super trendy to live a minimal lifestyle in tiny houses with capsule wardrobes, yet for the average American it’s unrealistic. Why? Because we are expected to go from living in excess one day and living with barely enough the next. The result is doing nothing, collecting more things, and feeling buried by stuff!

Big pile of clothes thrown on the ground with a t-shirt saying nothing to wear. Close up on a untidy cluttered wardrobe with colorful clothes and accessories, many clothes and nothing to wear.

My 365 Day Clean Out Resolution

I’ve never been a hoarder or fond of keepsakes. I like minimal decorations, empty space, and pitching one item in my closet for every new item I add. Despite this I still feel I have too many clothes and/or accessories. I’ve invested in my wardrobe. As a result, I have a lot of good items, but no need to keep them all! Remember, In order to pair down in 2019 I am going to discard at least one clothing item or accessory everyday. My theory is pitching or donating one item each day will feel less overwhelming than trying to do it all in one day! I imagine I will end up getting rid of more on some days too.

Join Me!

I’d love for you to join me on this New Year’s Resolution. Maybe instead of clothes you need to pair down your collection of mugs, art supplies, or something else! The choice is yours, but the goal is the same.

Get Your Hands on My 365 Items

If you’d like to receive any of my discarded items message me! I’d also appreciate suggestions on where to donate items besides Goodwill! I will be getting rid of…

  • Shoes: 6-6.5
  • Tops: 00-XS-S
  • Pants: 00-0-XS
  • Dresses: 00-0-XS-S
  • Make-up/travel bags

NY Resolution

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