Wardrobe Therapy: Discard the Bad

I am so happy you’re reading my second blog on Wardrobe Therapy! In my first Wardrobe Therapy post I share an overview, goals and tip #1! You can check it out here.

Wardrobe Therapy

This week’s Wardrobe Therapy tip will help you increase style and confidence. It relates to my New Year’s Resolution for 2019, which involves discarding 365 items (one for each day of the year). Read about the resolution in detail here. 

OOTD Reflection

As promised, here’s a snapshot of all my daily outfits from Instagram since the last Wardrobe Therapy blog.

December 21st

I never plan what I wear in advanced! I go into great detail why on my Instagram. I can’t predict how I will feel before the day arrives, and it’s important to dress for the current day. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident to seize the day.


It’s ok to change several times before you find the outfit that makes you feel and look your best. That doesn’t make you high-maintenance. It’s a form of self-care.

December 24th

Christmas Eve! My Christmas Eve outfit holds a lot of meaning. Read about why here, and read a recap below the image.


Dressing for Christmas Eve looks a little different for me than most. I dress to serve, play cars, and build towers with toddlers. To me Christmas Eve isn’t about dressing in my best. It’s about giving. Giving my best. Using my gifts to serve in God’s house, so parents can enjoy a Christmas service.

December 27th

I decided to go all natural and wear my favorite thing…a dress! Thanks to a new skincare routine and MONAT hair products I am able to without makeup and flaunt air-dried hair.


This outfit is all about discovering your “default” or go-to outfit. It’s helpful to know what you can wear that will always make you feel good because bad days are inevitable. For me it’s a dress! Maybe for you it’s a cozy hoodie or special necklace. Whatever it is wear it on the days you’re in a wardrobe slump and zero self-confidence in your image.

December 28th

What a day this was! It was filled with hard work and lots of changing for a photoshoot. I gave myself permission to relax, unwind, and not care about my outfit on a Friday night! Taking nights off from being dressed to the nines will fuel your creativity and motivate you to dress nice in days to come. See the original post here.


December 30th

I didn’t have much to say or many feelings surrounding this outfit of the day.  However, it did mark the announcement of my first New Year’s Resolution!


December 31st/January 1st

This is a two day outfit of the day! I wore it for the last day of 2018 and the first day of 2019. Breaking the “don’t wear the same outfit two days in a row” rule. 😉


January 2nd

Today I woke up to a disappointing email notifying me a position I really wanted was given to someone else. Feeling incredibly frustrated and rejected (again), I redirected my attention to accessorizing with meaning. 


No clothes can make me feel less rejected today, but wearing jewelry makes me look at my reflection differently. Jewelry is the only thing that holds sentimental value to me. The Venetian Link Bracelet from Tiffany & Co. was gifted to me on my high school graduation and the Alor rope bracelet  on my college graduation to remind me of my strength and value. The silver earrings were given to me this Christmas from Wendy Bryant-Gow who I intern for at the Lily Winston Firm. The IPPOLITA earrings remind me that there are professionals who recognize my talents. This is incredibly important as I face lots of rejection on the job hunt. In short, when you’re feeling down wear clothes or accessories that hold meaning! 

OOTD Recap

I’ve honestly been super unmotivated to “look nice” since Christmas has come and gone. Hence the lack of consistency with posting my OOTD. The week after Christmas to now has been pretty boring. I have a habit of thinking it’s not worth wasting a good outfit on a task-less day if I wont be seen. Then I try to remind myself… That I am dressing for myself, not for anyone else. This led me to discover Wardrobe Therapy Tip #2.

Wardrobe Therapy Tip #2

This week I want you to look at your closet and assess your wardrobe, discarding the bad. The bad can be things that don’t fit, clothes that are worn out, items you simply don’t wear, or worse clothing that makes you feel self-conscious. Discard any clothes that you associate with a bad experience. There’s no need to keep that dress you use to fit in before having children, especially if having it hang in your closet brings up negative thoughts about your post-baby body. Discarding the “bad” from your wardrobe makes choosing what to wear easier too! It’s easier to see what’s in your closet when it’s not jam packed.


Clear out your closet. Discard the bad. You will discover the clothes you truly love, and what you feel best wearing. Plus, getting dressed in the morning will be more fun. It’s easier to because you won’t be wasting time putting on the “bad.”



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