Clothes Are A Tool

Hello! I know I have not been writing on fashion recently or sharing style tips. This is so you understand why fashion is a passion of mine. I want to help everyone experience wardrobe therapy. I shared “The Best Compliment Ever” and “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” to enable readers to understand that I am not just a girl that likes clothes and pretty things. That clothes are a tool to help one discover the beauty they have within. Clothes help you look like a million buck, so you will eventually feel like a million bucks. I do not claim, that material things such as clothes can Fix your struggles, but it can help.

Clothes are never a frivolity; they always mean something..png

For example, once I beat my eating disorder and now consider myself recovered, I can use clothes as a healthy coping mechanism. It’s a way for my to honor my body.  I still have AWFUL body image days as a recoverer. The difference now, is I deal with them in a healthy manner. I don’t over exercise or restrict. I know that my poor body image has nothing to do with my body size.

Negative body image triggers:

  • Lack of Sleep
  • Stress
  • Media
  • Diet Culture
  • Social Media
  • Movies, TV shows
  • Restriction
  • Comparison

Below are examples terrible body image days, and how I used clothes to cope.

Distract with shoes and wear what fits

You know I really like shoes. They’re also a really good representation of why trying to fit into smaller sizes and shrink our bodies is ridiculous. Stay with me here.

Think about it. When you go shoe shopping and need a larger size you probably don’t feel bad or hesitate to go up a size. No one wants to wear tight shoes right? That’s so uncomfortable. I am a size 6.5 shoe, this won’t change. Therefore, I don’t get mad at my feet for not being a size 5. I just get the right size shoe, so I am comfortable. Sometimes I have to get a larger size, sometimes smaller. So why don’t we shop for clothes with this mindset? Why do we shrink our bodies to a size we are not designed to live in? Give it some thought. 


So, this picture is an example of how I used clothes on a Monday after a whole weekend of feeling uncomfortable in my body and not wanting my body to be noticed at work. I know heels always make me feel more confident. Read more about why in my “Style Challenge” Week 3″ post. I put on these eye catching heels, that I knew people would look at over me. Of course, I know very few people care about my body, but you get it right? Sometimes it just feels like the world is judging your body.

Next, I wore my most comfortable, stretchy, high-waist jeans and a sweater tee with a loose fit. Wearing clothes that I felt physically uncomfortable in enabled me to feel mentally more comfortable and more positive about my body. #goalachieved

It’s Ok to Hide in Camouflage


This is going to get very raw and vulnerable. I woke up Saturday morning in good spirits, until I recognized my body. It was so weird and scary. I wanted to crawl out of my skin. I specifically felt super self-conscious about my mid-section. You see, during my anorexia years as an adult I maintained a childish figure, no fat, no curves, etc. This new body is that of a women, and I am still not use to it.

I felt very uncomfortable with the hips, love handles, and non-ripped stomach I had back in the days. I had an idea of what I wanted to wear, then realized the tight shirt would make me so uncomfortable and feed my negative body image. Hence why I chose a long, flowy shirt that would not cling to my curves. Oh and of course, again, I am wearing heels! #goalachieved

Dresses or Something Cute


Dresses and skirts are MY FAVORITE garments to wear. For one, dresses are an instant outfit. Secondly, they can be so flowy and loose. I always feel so much more put together in a dress. I decided to wear this skirt because I wasn’t happy with a certain area of my body, and I knew this would camouflage it AND be comfortable thanks to the bold pattern and perfect fit. Wow, I do really wear heels every bad body image day! Don’t worry though if you see me in heels. I also just love them. #goalachieved


Clothes are more than materials. When used properly, they can make a negative mind-set into a good one. Here’s a few steps you can do starting today!

  1. Wear clothes that fit.
  2. Distract with a “statement piece.”
  3. Pick bold patterns.
  4. Find that go-to outfit that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable every time. (For me it is a dress).

Clothes are not a long-term solution to the bigger problem, but it is a starting point and a healthy coping mechanism I utilize for those occasional bad days.

2 thoughts on “Clothes Are A Tool

  1. Barbara Walters says:

    Thanks, Brooke! I needed this post today. I’m recovering from surgery and cannot exercise for a month, other than short walks. I’m feeling “flabby” and uncomfortable in my clothes. After reading yoir post, I changed my top to something more loose fitting, put on my high waisted jeans(so comfy), and added some cute pointy flats. Viola! I feel better already!


    • bestyleblogblog says:

      I am so happy to hear this! I can imagine it’s difficult not being able to get up and move as often as you are use to. Our bodies are resilient, and give yourself credit for implementing these tips! I bet you rock the pointy flats.


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