Quick Facts

B.E. Style Mission

Sharing attainable style and beauty advice for everyday people, so they can be more stylish and confident.

B.E. Style Vision

B.E. Style offers style advice through Brooke Moline’s personal fashion diary highlighting her classic style. She gives readers an inside look into the fashion and retail industry based on her education and experience. B.E. Style inspires readers to be bold and creative with their own fashion choices and hopes they will ultimately feel confident both inside and out. B.E. Style hopes readers will not only refine their personal style but support companies who are making a positive impact in the world through fashion.

Fashion Fun Facts

  • Go to clothing stores: White House|Black Market, J. Crew, ZARA
  • Garment of Choice: Dress
  • Online “shopping” obsession: Shoes
  • Role Models: Julia Engel and Rini Frey
  • I won’t be caught dead in: Crocs or Juicy Couture
  • Favorite color to wear: Navy
  • Favorite Accessory: Cashmere scarf my sister got me from Persia
  • I will always choose style over comfort, but I truly believe both are achievable.
  • Motto: Keep it classic.

Who is Brooke?

I am a dedicated fashionista, driven by my entrepreneurial spirit. I am enthusiastically pursuing work in the fashion industry. My passion lies in sharing fashion advice with others in an effort to inspire, enhance, and build confidence. I fell in love with fashion at an early age watching the show “What Not to Wear.” It showed me clothes are therapeutic and result in enhanced internal and external confidence. Today, I am on a mission to spread confidence through fashion with “wardrobe therapy.”


“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” -Oscar Wilde