COVID-19 Quarantine, I’ve Done This Before

COVID-19 Quarantine A little deja vu In early March, when panic and restrictions made its way into the U.S., it all felt familiar. The isolation, helplessness, and loss of independence to make my own choices felt familiar. My restricted freedom to dine out and see who I wanted felt familiar. The anxiety grocery shopping gave … Continue reading COVID-19 Quarantine, I’ve Done This Before

NEDA Walk: Call To Action #2

In my last post, NEDA Walk Fundraiser: Call to Action #1, I called readers, friends, families, and you to listen to a few podcasts from Christy Harrison. She gave me a better understanding of eating disorders and the impact of diet culture as a whole. My hope and prayer is the podcasts either freed you from … Continue reading NEDA Walk: Call To Action #2

NEDA Walk Fundraiser: Call to Action #1

It Takes More Than Money In order to save someone who is struggling with an eating disorder, or even prevent the onset of one, we must change our own beliefs and understandings. You must acknowledge a few things. An Eating Disorder is a mental illness. The most deadly one. Diet culture is real, harmful, and … Continue reading NEDA Walk Fundraiser: Call to Action #1

An Open Letter To: “Healthy” Eater

Dear Healthy Eater, What is healthy? Kale salads and celery juice, right? Sugar is bad, right? You love the praise you receive from friends telling you they admire your healthy eating. They wish they had the discipline to count macros like you. This makes you feel superior, right? Are you really eating healthfully if you’re … Continue reading An Open Letter To: “Healthy” Eater

See The Invisible Disorder

Hello! Whether you're a frequent reader or first timer, I'm delighted you're here. Not because I want more views or follows, but because one more person learning to see the invisible disorder may save someone's life. Disclaimer: The below suggestions are NOT intended to take the place of professional advice or research. My intentions are … Continue reading See The Invisible Disorder

Wardrobe Therapy: Discard the Bad

I am so happy you're reading my second blog on Wardrobe Therapy! In my first Wardrobe Therapy post I share an overview, goals and tip #1! You can check it out here. This week's Wardrobe Therapy tip will help you increase style and confidence. It relates to my New Year's Resolution for 2019, which involves discarding … Continue reading Wardrobe Therapy: Discard the Bad

365 Days of Closet Clean Out

New Year's Resolution I've never made a New Year's Resolution because I believe goals should be set everyday of the year! However, in 2019 I am resolving to declutter, reduce my personal belongings by at least 365 items. It's super trendy to live a minimal lifestyle in tiny houses with capsule wardrobes, yet for the … Continue reading 365 Days of Closet Clean Out