The Fallen Christmas Tree

It’s the Saturday evening after Thanksgiving. My heart is full of gratitude and cheer bringing home a perfect Christmas tree. The top is perfectly straight, and its branches are full. My “perfect” Christmas tree begins to tilt further and further to the right. The knobs on the trunk and weight of the tree are tipping … Continue reading The Fallen Christmas Tree

Small Businesses Run by Mighty Women

Happy Black Friday. I hope you survived. My mom and I accomplished a lot of Christmas shopping, but we avoided the crazy sales. What I really want to to talk about is Small Business Saturday and highlight a few of my favorite to support. I encourage you to shop small, support a friend's MLM, or … Continue reading Small Businesses Run by Mighty Women

Achieve Healthy Autumn Skin

I appreciate the changing leaves, layering sweaters, and blanket scarves that come with Autumn. However, I do not look forward to my changing skin that dries out, lightens, and requires extra care. After years of experimenting and learning from mistakes, like using lotions instead of oils and over exfoliating, I have discovered skincare routines and … Continue reading Achieve Healthy Autumn Skin

B.E. Organized in Style: Easy Tips

Organization is Fun!Hello friends. I am super excited about this blog because organization is near and dear to my heart. I am an organization junky. Seriously, I love spending downtime browsing Crate & Barrel and The Container Stores' newest arrivals. Being organized comes naturally to me, and I find it enjoyable. But what if you … Continue reading B.E. Organized in Style: Easy Tips

On the Lips: My favorite sticks, glosses, and balms

On the lips Every girl has that one cosmetic they won't leave the house without putting on. Well, there's no denying lipstick is my cosmetic of choice. Something about a bold lip color makes me feel more put together and confident. I wear something on my lips everyday. Therefore, I am very particular about what … Continue reading On the Lips: My favorite sticks, glosses, and balms