Clothes Are A Tool

Hello! I know I have not been writing on fashion recently or sharing style tips. This is so you understand why fashion is a passion of mine. I want to help everyone experience wardrobe therapy. I shared "The Best Compliment Ever" and "I Shouldn't Be Alive" to enable readers to understand that I am not just … Continue reading Clothes Are A Tool

Wardrobe Therapy: Discard the Bad

I am so happy you're reading my second blog on Wardrobe Therapy! In my first Wardrobe Therapy post I share an overview, goals and tip #1! You can check it out here. This week's Wardrobe Therapy tip will help you increase style and confidence. It relates to my New Year's Resolution for 2019, which involves discarding … Continue reading Wardrobe Therapy: Discard the Bad

365 Days of Closet Clean Out

New Year's Resolution I've never made a New Year's Resolution because I believe goals should be set everyday of the year! However, in 2019 I am resolving to declutter, reduce my personal belongings by at least 365 items. It's super trendy to live a minimal lifestyle in tiny houses with capsule wardrobes, yet for the … Continue reading 365 Days of Closet Clean Out

The Cool Fashion Way to Wear Your Grandmas Favorite Top

Spice up your sweater weather with... your grandma's favorite top, a turtleneck! Under a Long-sleeve dress The first time I wore a turtleneck under a dress was last year, and it felt like an epiphany! This discovery means I can now wear dresses in the Fall and Winter without freezing. As a lover of dresses … Continue reading The Cool Fashion Way to Wear Your Grandmas Favorite Top

What to Wear When It’s Cold but You Don’t Want to Wear a Coat

Happy Fall Ya'll! Yeah, I know that's cornier than candy corn, but in the spirit of Fall I can't resist. You probably know by now I am always cold and hate it! But did you know I absolutely HATE wearing coats more than I hate being cold? It's true. They're annoyingly bulky and ruin a … Continue reading What to Wear When It’s Cold but You Don’t Want to Wear a Coat

Achieve Healthy Autumn Skin

I appreciate the changing leaves, layering sweaters, and blanket scarves that come with Autumn. However, I do not look forward to my changing skin that dries out, lightens, and requires extra care. After years of experimenting and learning from mistakes, like using lotions instead of oils and over exfoliating, I have discovered skincare routines and … Continue reading Achieve Healthy Autumn Skin

Your Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide

Hello friend! I am super excited to present your ultimate fall fashion guide exclusively with B.E. Humble! B.E. Humble fashion's are in high demand and short supply, so be sure to snatch up the styles asap. I feel super blessed I got to be part of the first lookbook photoshoot! Read on to see the … Continue reading Your Ultimate Fall Fashion Guide

Wear Your Activewear Beyond the Gym

The Secret Styling Tip Athleisure is "casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear." This type of dressing appeared heavily in 2015. Many believed it would be just a trend, but it's here to stay.  I believe it's because the fashion of athleisure fits the lifestyle of our current culture … Continue reading Wear Your Activewear Beyond the Gym

Easy 2 Piece outfits you can wear to work

Hello working Gal! Do you like to be fashionable and look like a million bucks? Yeah, me too, and if you're anything like most Girl Bosses you have no spare time! If you find yourself dreading getting dressed for work because it's "too hard" then these outfits are perfectly for you. Read on for the … Continue reading Easy 2 Piece outfits you can wear to work